How to Clean and Maintain Your Kitchen Knives

It is quite important to take care of kitchen knives properly so that the knives can remain sharp and useful for a very long time. The knives must be ready to use, whenever you need them. It can be possible only if you clean your kitchen knives on a regular basis. You may know the normal way of washing the knives to keep them clean, but thus the knives can become dull. You need to know how to clean the kitchen knives properly so that these kitchen tools can be ready to use, whenever you want it. This would be quite a daunting task for you to save the time in cooking an easy dish, if the kitchen knives are not clean and dull. So, follow the details mentioned in this post to know how to clean and maintain the kitchen knives.

How to clean the kitchen knives?

For some people, cleaning the knives is not a big deal. They just put it into the sink, wash it, and then store it. Is that enough? Well, the answer is no and the proper technique of cleaning kitchen knives is given below.

  • Whenever you are using the knives in the kitchen, try to keep them clean. It would be great, if you rinse the knives in hot water and then wipe with dry cloth every time you use them. You should do it every time, when you use the kitchen knives and thus your knives will remain clean. No food particles will stick to the sharp end of the knives. Therefore, the knives will remain sharp and effective for a long time. Wiping is important because thus there will be no flavor or ingredients stuck over the knife.
  • Many people make mistake of leaving their kitchen knives in the sink, when the food particles stick over the sharp edges. You should prevent such things and clean the knives, whenever you use them.
  • The combination of hot water and mild soap is great for cleaning knives.
  • Leaving the knives unkempt is not a good idea, so soak your kitchen knives in hot water for a few minutes and then wash them. Thus, all the contaminating food particles will get cleaned quickly.
  • Never wash your knives in the dishwasher.

 Clean kitchen knives

The best method of washing the knives:

This knife washing guide will help you in knowing, how safely you can wash your knives without getting injured.

  • Never dump the kitchen knives into the kitchen sink of soapy water with other dishes. You will later try to find it and thus you may get injured due to touching the sharp edge of the knives. You should always wash the knives separately so that you can prevent injuries.
  • The knife’s blade should always point away from you, whenever you wash it.
  • Never forget to wipe the sharp blade of the knife with a dishcloth. Do it slowly to prevent the cuts and other injuries.
  • Rinse the knife by holding its handle.
  • Always use hot running water to wash the knife effectively.
  • Use a clean cloth to wipe the knife and store it safely and away from the kids and pets.

How to sharp the knives?

Many people consider honing and sharpening as the same process. These two actually are two different processes. The knives are honed to remove spurs and nicks and reshape the angle of the blade. The professional chefs use a long and rounded steel tool to hone the knife. The sharpening process is different from honing. You need a whetstone to sharp the blade of the knife. The process is described below:

  • Place a whetstone over a wooden board.
  • Hold the handle of your knife and then place the blade against the whetstone. You can hold it on 22° angle to proceed safely.
  • Use the other hand to stabilize the blade.
  • Now apply moderate pressure and then slide the blade forward and backward. You will have to do it by maintaining a constant angle for perfect sharpening.
  • Sharpen the one side of the blade for a few minutes and then change the side to sharpen another edge of the blade.
  • Sharp it over the other side of the whetstone to get perfect results.
  • Once, you have done this whole procedure, now rinse the blade in hot water and clean it with a soft cloth.

That’s how you can sharpen the blades of your kitchen knives. The professional chefs apply different methods to maintain the quality and performance of their knives. You may find some other methods, but above explained method is easy and effective.

How to maintain kitchen knives


Some additional tips to maintain the knives:

  • You can keep the knives sharp and effective for a long time, if you use wooden or plastic cutting boards. The granite, glass and marble cutting boards affect the blades of the knives.
  • Always use the dull side of the knife to pass the food from cutting board to the pot.
  • A large knife should be used for cutting food larger than a tomato.
  • Move the knife in the same direction, whenever you sharpen the blades.

These tips will help you in keeping your kitchen knives clean, sharp, and safe against contaminants and other problems. These tips and knife cleaning techniques are applied by the professionals, who want to maintain their favourite knives in the best possible ways.

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