7 Ways to Improve Your Knife Skills

improve knife skill

One of the main fears in the kitchen I can remember is holding the sharp knife and cutting fresh onions. I always thought of injuring myself with welding the sharp knife incorrectly. But I was lucky to learn my ways with a knife easily. And here, I want to share my tips on simple ways to improve your knife skills in the kitchen.

An essential appliance in a kitchen is a knife. If you have a good knife skill set, cooking will be easier and faster. So, here we will discuss how to improve knife skills. So, let’s check out the easiest ways to improve knife skills.


1. Consider the Size and Length of Knives

When you are the cook, you definitely have some different knives in your collection. The figure of the knife is necessary to know the height and weight of it. So, it should tell you for what purpose you will be using this knife.

For example, if the knife is like 10 inches’ long blade and has a heavy weight, it will be perfect for chopping firm vegetables or meat carving. As heavy knives are perfect for slicing tough items.

In another hand, 8 inches saw toothed knife would be perfect for slicing the bread or pies or tomatoes. Accordingly, if your knives with lesser size and weight, they will be easier and faster to move but will lack the power to cut tough items. So, choose your knife according to your task.


 2. The Grip and Holding Considerations

Holding the knife rightly is important. Make sure your thumb and forefinger are on the blade of the knife and rest of the finger is crawled around underneath it.

Don’t extend you forefinger or don’t hold it back of the knife. It will grant you control over your knife. You should hold your knife with relaxed hands.

Keep all of your fingers in position, so it’s merely impossible cutting them by the blade. As we mentioned before the knife holding hand should grip both the handle and blade.


 3. Keep a Proper Care of Your Knife

To maintain a safe and perfect cutting, you need to take proper care of the blades of the knives. You need to sharpen the edges to enjoy the proper effect.

Like, it doesn’t take much pressure to slice tomatoes, your knife is probably sharp enough if not then sharp your knife with the knife sharpening tool.

Also, you should keep an eye on the condition of the knife regularly. Check if there is any dirt on it after using. Keep it clean using the water of the best kitchen faucets. It will not only keep the knife safe but also will provide better food environment.


4. Check the Cutting Surface

The cutting surface shouldn’t dull the knives. Don’t use the cutting boards made of glass that is too hard. The gentlest is the wood, and the next best thing would be plastic. Keep the cutting board rigidly on the place and keep a towel under the cutting board.


improve your knife skill


 5. Know Your Ways with Cutting

Increase your expertize on several motions, which will make you able to slice foods into pieces quicker and more perfectly. Try to cut the pieces to equal size. Put the item on cutting board and grip firmly with the free hand.

Put the tip of the blade on the board and angle it upward. Keep the tip of the knife on the board and rapidly pull back the knife. This motion is the basic motion. Just evaluate this motion to cut different items differently.

The knife should be swinging in a convulse motion, from top to bottom and perpendicularly. Keep the knife at the equal height or just beneath the elbow. That way you can give the full pressure of the upper body.


6. Focus while Cutting

It may seem that cutting is a repetitive task, and that doesn’t need much attention. But, concentration and focus are the most important aspects while you are chopping to avoid hurting yourself. Otherwise, your kitchen enjoyments can turn out to an accidental experience.

Focus on the cutting job, how small pieces it is required and how can you decrease the labor. You can check out some basic knife ways you to cut items properly.


7. Storage

Storing the knife may seem the lesser important part, but trust me, it is one of the essential requirement in keeping the knife in a good. And a knife in a good shape will improve the cutting experience.

Keep the knives separately, away from each one for preventing the nicks that dull them. If a possible use magnetic strip to keep the knives. Put the knives in a box or drawer.


Final Thought

So, we hope that with these tips you will find yourself helping to become an expert and safe at slicing. Practice makes your skills perfect. So, keep practicing and follow the tips to improve your skills.



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