5 ways to sharpen a knife

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Using a dull knife is not a good idea, especially when you are using it in your kitchen. You must know how to sharpen a serrated knife so that you can maintain the sharpness of the knife’s edge and use it properly. You may need the knife for many tasks in the kitchen. You may need it to cut the vegetables, meat, bread, and also for trimming hooves. You will have to apply more strength if the knife is not sharp. The chances of bounce and deflection will improve as you will apply more strength to cut an object through the knife. Consequently, the chances of injuries would be quite high and you can injure your fingers or other parts of your body.

There is no need to take such risks, when you can easily sharpen the edge of the knife and maintain it properly. Sharp knives make cutting work very easy in the kitchen. You can cut and prepare the ingredients quite easily, if your knives are sharp and well maintained. It is also important to maintain and take care of the knives so that you can maintain their sharpness. Here you will know the ways of sharpening the knives and these methods are pretty easy to apply.

1. Use the bench sander:

The bench sanders seem like the best tools for sharpening knives that have straight tip. These are also used as grinders for several different purposes, but you can use them to maintain the sharp tip of your knife. The knife will get sharpened pretty quickly because the spinning wheel will provide enough friction to remove the dullness and produce a sharp edge. Some people may not like the bench sanders as they are cumbersome and hauling them would be a pretty difficult task. In addition, you would require electricity to operate the bench sanders. You must look for another option, if your knife has rounded tip.

2. Chainsaw sharpener:

The chainsaw sharpeners are mostly used for sharpening the chainsaws. You can also use them to sharpen your knives. It is a great sharpening tool for hoof knives and most of the users prefer it to sharpen the hoof knife. You will have to pull and push the chainsaw sharpener on the edge of knife to sharpen it properly. It can be used to sharpen the curved tips of knives and that’s why it can be a useful tool for your kitchen. It also works fast and you can achieve a nice sharp tip without requiring electricity to run the tool. There is a chance of bending the tip, if you don’t use it properly. So follow the push and pull suggestion for sharpening your knife.

3. Diamond sharpener:

It is another great option as a hand operated knife sharpener. You can buy a diamond sharpener and then use it to sharpen the knife from the curved side only. First pull the sharpener towards your side and then slightly push it towards the outer side. Continue this action until your knife achieves the required sharpness. The diamond sharpener is quite a simple tool. The chances of injury are quite low and the knife tip will get sharpened quite effectively. However, it will require more strokes than other sharpeners.

4.  Swiss iStor:

Whenever people want to sharpen their hoof knives, then use swiss istor. It is the most trusted tool for sharpening the hoof knives. It is quite small in size, it sharpens the knife quite fast, and it provides effective results. However, the experts suggest avoiding using it, when you are sharpening curved tip knives.

knife sharpener

5. Sharpening stone:

The sharpening stone is being used for sharpening the knives for a long time. It is an ancient knife sharpening tool and it works quite effectively, when wetted with water. Sharpening the knife would be a safer task with the stone and you will get fast results through this technique.

So, now you know how to sharpen a serrated knife because the above given tools offer the best ways of sharpening the knife. You can apply these methods anytime and anywhere, excepting the bench sander technique. Your knives will remain sharp and useful for a long time, if you sharpen them regularly

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