Victorinox 4-3/4 Inch Straight Edge Pointed Tip Steak Knife

When we talk about best steak knives, we always want something that will make our steak life easier. If you are a steak lover, you already know how hard it is to deal with steaks every time not only in your dining table but also in the kitchen. This is a six set product which focuses on your steak needs and therefore, you can be worry less that your steak life will be in safe hands if you use this product. As always, our review will start from the features followed by the pros, the cons and finally there will be the final words.

Victorinox knife

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Features of Victorinox 4-3/4 Inch Straight Edge Pointed Tip Steak Knife

The name Victorinox will give you a vibe that the product has something to do with the Victorian era when knives were highly popular. Well, though it does not have anything to do with that age, but you can be sure that you will get a same or better experience with this knife set. Let’s look at some of the features of this set.

Straight & Pointed

As you are not receiving a ton of knives in this set (only 6), therefore it is better to have them pure and smart. All the six knives that you will receive in this package are straight edged and all of them have pointed tip which will make sure that you do not have to face even a slight bit of trouble dealing with the steaks.

Perfect Size and Metal

There are big knives and again, there are small knives but these knives that you will get with the set are of proper size which is comfortable for the hands. They used the scientific stats to make sure that the knives are of proper size and thus, your life gets easier. Apart from the size, the high carbon metal steel blade also does its job properly. The sharpness and edge that you will receive is amazing and the feel of cutting down meat will be of a perfect experience with this knife set.

The Pros

Features are definitely not the only benefits that you will receive from this product. Let’s look at some of the other pros recommended by the users of this knife set.

  • Great price
  • Sharp & Durable
  • They will last really long (One set is enough for life)


The Cons

No knife set is out of cons and therefore, it is time that we should look at the cons of this product set too.

  • The brand mark in knives may seem weird
  • Only 6 pieces in the set


Final Words

The product is a great one compared to similar products in the market. The knife set is well priced and if steak is your only priority for buying a knife set then these are obviously among the best steak knives that you will see around. Therefore, you can go with this one.


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