Wusthof Classic 2 Piece Knife Prep Set

If you are a knife lover, you have definitely heard about the brand Wusthof. The name itself is appealing and gives a vibe that the knives will be of top class and that is exactly what they are. We have already reviewed a few Wusthof branded knives before and here is another one. Wusthof Classic is a 2 piece knife preparation set which will make your cutting life totally different. We will review this knife set here in this complete review. As always, our review will start with the features followed by the pros, the cons and then the final words.

Wusthof Classic knife

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Features of Wusthof Classic 2 Piece Knife Prep Set

There are two different versions of this product. One is the flat 6 inch version which costs a bit lower than the mixed sized version. The mixed size version has knives of different sizes. We will review the fixed version here but you can get the mixed version too from this same link.

One Size

This can actually be considered as a negative side of this product. When you buy a knife set, you want knives of different types and most importantly of different sizes to make sure that all of your tasks are done properly. In this case, you are actually buying a 2 piece knife set which means that you do not have a lot of options from the beginning. So if you are looking for a lot of options, check the other version of this product.

Uniform Cutting

Though you are only getting two knives which both are of six inches, you can actually perform an enormous number of tasks with both of them. The knives are of great size and as they are six inches, they can perform almost anything. Well yes, they are not a pro of something but if you are looking for a jack of all trade then this is a good option to go for. For an example, we all know that chef knives are eight inches in terms of size but you can use these knives to perform chef tasks. Yes, they won’t be perfect but the price and every other thing will work as positives for you.

Laser Tested

The company Wusthof is very serious about all of their knives. They want to make sure that they do not provide even a single piece of bad metal to your kitchen and that is why, they always do laser tests before shipping products. These knives are laser tested too.

The Pros

Now, let’s look at the pros of this product:

  • Good price
  • Laser tested
  • Precision Edge technology


The Cons

It is important that you know the negative sides of a product before you finalize the decision:

  • Only 2 knives
  • A bit high priced considering the quantity of knives


Last Words

If you have other knife sets and you are looking for a fun solution then this is a good option to go for. Do not consider it to be your primary solution in the kitchen.


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